Depression is a big ocean and I’m drowning

In it everyday,

The pain within me is never ending and it

Does not have a pause in my life.

Many people are around me, but when I

Close my eyes I see myself alone, yelling,

Screaming and hating myself.

I think I’m going to kill myself may be today,

Tomorrow or day after.

When people ask me how are you?

I say I’m fine, but I undergo lot of pain,

I become tired of living my life.

My nightmare never ends, my heart pumps

Fast and my mind become restless.

I can’t stop my voices in my head and I feel

To quit night because I feel night is too long.

I speak,

I cry,

I shout, within myself.

I’m constantly getting hurt.

The wounds never show on my body, but

The invisible cut is deeper than it bleeds.

My life is dark and I’m searching for light, I

Think I may find it soon.

Sai Suveaathy


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