We are amazed to present our recent and fresh work on thoughts & emotions.

Yeah, these are subjective experiences and yet we are in the journey to understand every thought and emotion more objectively to realize the “true we”
~Sree Ramya,
Online Event Organiser of the theme “Our Inner World”
Sri Gayatri College, Hyderabad


Written by “Jahnavi” To say patience is a virtue is an understatement. It’s really more of a skill—one that can be learned and needs constant nurturing. Patience is the state of being that occurs between experience and reaction. Whether you’re trying to be patient with yourself, others, or life, it seems to always involve the … Continue reading Patience


written by “Ramya” READERS MUST BE AWARE that, this is a subjective approach and positivity works as a tool when we are more connected to self, being mindful and having self-awareness by acknowledging both positive and negative emotions and thoughts for metal wellbeing by breaking denial.. and author is in the journey of mastering the … Continue reading Positivity

Creator of Creation..?

We hardly believe the fact that “we are a bunch of molecules” like any other living creature of this whole universe and our mankind is made of common matter that exists across the living world. We used to perceive things differently before we proved the existence of molecules. We do believe in creator and creation … Continue reading Creator of Creation..?

Oh Dear Society!

A Poem by “Vamsy Krishna” Oh Dear Sociy.! (Society) Right or wrong..! The choices one make! The degree of the truth exposed! The degree of lies uncovered! The degree of truth understood as it is..! The less you assume! The more you become empathize..! The more you be non-judgmental, the more it sets you free! … Continue reading Oh Dear Society!


Written by “Sai Prasanna” Being not scared is not an easy job. If one does not fear of anything then I truly appreciate that person because I am scared of many things. I’m scared of being alone, I’m scared of finding new friends and scared of my own self. I’m scared of everything in life … Continue reading “THAT PERSON”

Our Friendship

Written by “Sukanya” Friendship is the relationship between two or more friends. Friendship is not just a relationship but it’s a feeling or a mutual affection. In my view it’s a bond and bundle of feelings, affection and attachment to each other. Friend is the one who loves unconditionally after the mother. Friendship is the … Continue reading Our Friendship

Brother and Sister Love

Written by “Kashish” Brother and sister love generally have a love-hate relationship, which is the best relationship. I believe that even though there are a lot of fights, quarrels etc., for their bond of love and friendship. Siblings are like a permanent friends. The relationship of a brother and sister last longest in the human … Continue reading Brother and Sister Love

The Void

Written by “Agrim” Is it you by my sideGleaming as it rainsIn for the whole rideIs it you?The feeling in my heart?My christeningMy new start?Or is it youThe stranger in my bedConsoling me as I weepLying awake and watching me sleepAre you realOr are you in my head?A phantom  of my story unreadIs it youIn … Continue reading The Void

Friends and Friendship

Written by “Ramya” Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold world together ~Woodrow Wilson Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people friendship for most people it is a combination of affection, loyalty, love, respect and trust. Friendship is a stronger bond between two or more people who get along with each … Continue reading Friends and Friendship


written by “Mansi Patel” Friendship is the hardest thing to explain friends are most beautiful persons in our life. Relationship between friends may not be by blood, but love between them and will be unconditional from heart. There are too many people around us but everyone were not our friends. The person who understands you, … Continue reading Friendship

“A Self Note”

Written by “Abhiram Thaarala” READERS MUST BE AWARE that, this is a subjective approach and author set his journey towards exploring self and becoming more objective by coming out of denial. A note to self which I will read daily to remind myself few things. 1. Be grateful for everything you have in life. You … Continue reading “A Self Note”

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